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          Find the latest updates and information regarding COVID?19 in Sacramento.

          Responding To Homelessness

          Here is information on the City's warming centers, "safe parking" program and some frequently asked questions about how the City of Sacramento responds to homelessness.

          Public Counters

          To prevent the spread of COVID-19, City of Sacramento public counters may have modified hours, services or may only be serving customers online.

          Click here for information about conducting business online or in some cases, scheduling individual appointments.

          Stay Informed

          Social Media Networks

          Full list of City Department & Office
          Social Media Accounts

          CITY NEWS

          Community invited to learn about transportation improvements planned for Pocket Greenhaven neighborhood

          60 local artists have been selected to design utility-box wraps in downtown Sacramento

          The City just made a $6 million investment in youth and children's service.

          Tell the City what you think about the design for the Stockton Boulevard corridor's future

          Why City staff are asking people to take the

          City of Sacramento receives $1.8 million 'Cannabis Equity Grant' from State

          Three things to know about the City's household junk pickup service

          These Sac Fire 'mobile teams' are bringing COVID-19 vaccinations to people experiencing homelessness

          City Council provides district-specific updates on Homeless Master Plan

          Here’s what you might not know about the City’s spring and summer watering schedule

          County of Sacramento Public Health Order

          The County of Sacramento on March 16 released an amended public health order that aligns with the State’s tiered system for monitoring COVID-19 infection rates and allowable activities.


          Sacramento County is in Red/Tier 2, which indicates that infection risk levels are “substantial.”


          For detailed information about what activities are allowed in Red/Tier 2, please click here. For more information about vaccinations and their distribution in Sacramento County, please click here.

          City Council Meetings

          Generally, the regular City Council meets each month as follows:

          1st Tuesday at 5 p.m.
          2nd Tuesday at 2 p.m.
          3rd Tuesday at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

          However, there are exceptions as shown in the 2021 approved calendar.

          View upcoming meeting materials, archived video meetings, and contracts for review by council.

          Media guidelines for high-attendance City meetings

          Receive Job Alerts

          Interested in working for the City of Sacramento? Sign up to receive email or text alerts of new job openings!

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